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Another World

Series of artworks

This art captures a moment of unity between
two very different worlds.
This is the story of an amazing journey that changes minds.

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As the sun began to rise over the planet Anomalitism, the travelers were struck by the breathtaking scenery. They had never seen such vivid colors in the sky before. Shades of red, orange, and pink blended together like an artist's palette, creating a beautiful masterpiece.

When the travelers emerged from the ship, a light breeze greeted them, rustling the leaves of nearby trees. The air was fresh and clean, unlike anything they had experienced before.

As they explored their surroundings, they encountered local people who greeted them. The visitors were impressed by the kindness and hospitality of the locals, who showed them their way of life and how they lived in harmony with nature.

The travelers quickly adapted to the unusual environment, learning from the Anomalits about the unique flora and fauna that surrounded them. They were amazed at how the locals found a way to harness the power of nature, applying it to create their advanced technology and sustainable way of life.

When you look at the bright picture in front of you, your eyes are immediately attracted to the figure standing in the center. Dressed in a colorful suit and helmet, this human is a traveler from a distant world, trapped in a realm of wonder and magic.

He is surrounded by Anomalits, their shimmering forms gleaming in the light of the brilliant sun. These strange creatures, each unique in shape and color, welcome the traveler into their world.

Clouds of brilliant colors float across the sky, their colors reflecting the rich and varied landscape of this magical world. You can almost feel the warmth of the sun on your face and hear the soft rustling of the leaves in the wind.

As you continue to view this scene, you are overcome with a sense of awe and wonder at the beauty of this world and the unlikely alliance that has formed between the traveler and the Anomalits. This art captures a moment of unity between two very different worlds.

The Value Of The Elements


Cell is as a symbol of going beyond habitual forms of thinking


Points are event options. Also, the dots symbolize the reality of which it consists. Life experience.


Lines are the movement of time. Life path to points.


Flowers are an interweaving of lines. Blooming life.


Color is the perception of reality.


The circle is a cycle of events, an action.


The semicircle is a reference to the place of birth. It repeats the outline phenomena of a new Moon, a new beginning. The semicircle is a kind of window, a look into the future.


Anomalits (elements) are people who easily perceive new things, letting information through themselves, subjecting it to analysis.


Energy flow is a powerful charge of energy that it gives and receives at the moment of interaction with another person. Autonomous energy source.


Words and symbols are the message of time.


Cyclicity is a repetition of actions and events.

Black and white are balance, like yin and yang. Also, pure black and white colors carry the mystery of new discoveries and experiences. Both colors are the beginning.

The rest of the colors are a reference to childhood, to the moment when the mind is clean and ready for everything light and beautiful, without focusing on patterns.

Yellow is positive and inspirational.

Pink is the happiness of the moment.

Blue - calmness and tranquility.