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Anomalit Kate

Creator of Anomalitism and an alternate version of the future.


My name is Anomalit Kate. I am the creator of Anomalitism and an alternate version of the future.

The goal of Anomalitism is to show that individuality, uniqueness, and freedom from all boundaries and stereotypes are the key to creating a better world.

I focus on the human essence and its infinite possibilities, erasing gender and racial identities and showing the crucial importance and uniqueness of each person.

I work in traditional and digital mediums, creating my artwork at the intersection of physical and virtual reality.

I don't limit my creativity. I can paint just about anything I can get my hands on. I love working with public spaces and creating indoor installations by breaking geometry with my drawings. I often exhibit my artwork and participate in events where I can show my art. I collaborate with brands with whom we share similar values.

I am sure that there is no future without the past. Colors, lines, an unknown future, space and words have attracted me since childhood.

Anomalitism is a universe in which there are a large number of elements, anomalites, at the same time. Each of them is a unique entity. Together they represent a Picture of the World, the space in which all elements exist. Each element exists independently in space, has the ability to communicate and complement other elements.

When they combine, they form a new independent element and become part of the Picture of the World.

The method of combining helps to achieve an infinite number of variations. Everything exists separately in space at the same time and yet remains a whole.

Without past you don’t have future...

Color, lines, unknown future, space and words have attracted me from the very childhood. The interlacement of lines and colors in combination can convey my thoughts to the viewers more clearly. I photographed colors and movements, drinking books in. I realized that I am making an imprint of the present that is becoming the past just in a moment. I can't express myself with just copying basic forms and landscapes. Norms and rules fettered me and I couldn't create anything fresh.

That’s how #anomalitism was created. That’s a vision beyond the frames, aimed straight to the future.

The Value Of The Elements

  • ... Energy flow is a powerful charge of energy that it gives and receives at the moment of interaction with another person. Autonomous energy source;
  • ... Cyclicity is a repetition of actions and events;
  • ... Words and symbols are the message of time;
  • ... Anomalits (elements) are people who easily perceive new things, letting information through themselves, subjecting it to analysis;
  • ... The semicircle is a reference to the place of birth. It repeats the outline phenomena of a new Moon, a new beginning. The semicircle is a kind of window, a look into the future;
  • ... The circle is a cycle of events, an action;
  • ... Color is the perception of reality;
  • ... Flowers are an interweaving of lines. Blooming life.;
  • ... Lines are the movement of time. Life path to points;
  • ... Points are event options. Also, the dots symbolize the reality of which it consists. Life experience;
  • ... Cell is as a symbol of going beyond habitual forms of thinking;
  • Black and white are balance, like yin and yang. Also, pure black and white colors carry the mystery of new discoveries and experiences. Both colors are the beginning;
  • The rest of the colors are a reference to childhood, to the moment when the mind is clean and ready for everything light and beautiful, without focusing on patterns;
  • Yellow is positive and inspirational;
  • Pink is the happiness of the moment;
  • Blue - calmness and tranquility.