Element 15

Project Element 15 by AnomalitKate

Anomalitism is an endless
symbiosis of elements and color.

This reality is familiar to us, but it's disassembled for parts and projected to its future perception.

Everything is changing, being created and complemented, based on the past experience use.

Element 15 by side

Element 15

is a Universe where a large number of elements (anomalits) exist at the same time, each of them is a unique unit. Together, they present a picture to the world (the space of existence of the elements).

Each element exists in space independently and has the ability to communicate or complement another element or several of them. By connecting they create a new independent element and (or) becoming a part of the Picture of the World.

The method of combining helps to achieve an infinite number of variations.

Everything exists in space at the same time separately, while being one whole.

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The vision outside the frame of "norm" with a clear sight of the furele.
Anomalitism is also a kind of exploratory search for an alternative future. His goal is to show that the key to success in creating a better future - is individuality, uniqueness and liberation from the frame and habitual forms of thinking.