Energy Flow

series of art works

Digital Art Energy Flow

There is a circle at the center of composition which is a reference to a toroidal chamber with magnetic coils called tokamak.

It has incredible power and is capable of warming up to temperatures higher than the surface of the Sun.

Energy Flow

Energy Flow

Drawing an analogy, my circle is a powerful bundle of energy which it gives and receives at the moment of interaction with another person. This is an autonomous energy source.

We complement and charge each other. We share energy with those who are almost dry.

In my world, everyone is ready to share their warmth and energy, they are environmentally friendly not only to the environment but also to humans.

This is a conscious interaction
Digital art

Creation process
Digital Art


Energy Flow

You can print this digital art after purchase transfering it from digital to the physical world.

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Digital Art Energy Flow


The vision outside the frame of "norm" with a clear sight of the furele.
Anomalitism is also a kind of exploratory search for an alternative future. His goal is to show that the key to success in creating a better future - is individuality, uniqueness and liberation from the frame and habitual forms of thinking.