Part 3

Работы Dreams

"Every dream can come true with due effort.
Every dream is real if you don't limit yourself and go forward and give energy to the people on your endless way."

The value of the elements

Значение элементов Dreams Part 3

Cell is as a symbol of going beyond habitual forms of thinking


Points are event options. Also, the dots symbolize the reality of which it consists. Life experience.


Lines are the movement of time. Life path to points.


Flowers are an interweaving of lines. Blooming life.


Color is the perception of reality.


The circle is a cycle of events, an action.


The semicircle is a reference to the place of birth. It repeats the outline phenomena of a new Moon, a new beginning. The semicircle is a kind of window, a look into the future.


Anomalits (elements) are people who easily perceive new things, letting information through themselves, subjecting it to analysis.


Words and symbols are the message of time.

About art

Anomalit Dreams

Part 9

Author: Anomalit Kate

Size: 30 x 30 sm

Materials: Canvas, Acrylic, Markers

Style: Anomalitism

Format: Square


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Canvas details

Canvas details of Dreams Part 9
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The vision outside the frame of "norm" with a clear sight of the furele.
Anomalitism is also a kind of exploratory search for an alternative future. His goal is to show that the key to success in creating a better future - is individuality, uniqueness and liberation from the frame and habitual forms of thinking.