Работа Part of the Anomalit art in

Part of the Anomalit art in

42 Artists Collaboration

This is a story about unity 🧡 42 artists made their artworks as puzzles for one canvas. Until today, it remained a secret what the overall canvas would look like. This is a surprise for viewers and artists. As we were free to create without any limitations, I believe that's how we managed to put Love in every piece.

This NFT includes:

This NFT includes:

  1. AR interactive filter (open Artivive app and point camera at this piece)
  2. 6.000x7.000px single canvas with 42 artworks

Artists: @sdesiggn, @a_zinkov, @naydart, @terekhov.kir, @boris.raw, @liccibeam, @iambunya, @kstruve, @petrboroda, @strss893, @mozgovor0t, @faiaz__azizov, @symkinmark_, @flxzee, @cryptosciart, @skywent.gallery, @houseofjpg, @noiseddd, @std.loto, @agaralich, @romanmarvel, @bolotovmotion, @adelshaekh, @jerichozis, @akimnft, @romankos, @valinart, @ratvsratvsrat, @7hirt33n, @avojos, @arseniykey, @sheremet1752, @mickey_jannn, @_s.n.z_, @vospitanik, @noiseddd, @artbymartisha, @egor_golopolosov, @dryamvlad, @volv_victory, @anomalitkate, @victojoy

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My part of the big canvas

The Color of Life - 42 Artists Collaboration

This artwork is a part of the Anomalitism. The vision outside the frame of "norm" with a clear sight of the furele.
Anomalitism is also a kind of exploratory search for an alternative future. His goal is to show that the key to success in creating a better future - is individuality, uniqueness and liberation from the frame and habitual forms of thinking.

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Видение, выходящие за рамки нормы с четким прицелом на будущее.
Anomalitism является поиском альтернативного будущего. Его цель – показать, что залогом успеха в создании лучшего будущего является индивидуальность, неповторимость и освобождение от рамок и привычных форм мышления.